Since the THE TOY BOX was established in August 1999 we have made many friends from all over the world and in September 2001 we were able to meet many of them at the Chicago Old Toy Soldier Show which was great fun.

This introduction to our web-site will hopefully enable you get a little background about our hobby.

It all began in 1958 when for Christmas my grandmother bought me the Britains #905 Hippo in its box - and that's when I began to collect - some 40 odd years ago! I was simply fascinated with wild animals as a child, both the real life ... and the toys.

We are very fortunate because we  live just 50 miles from London where all the major Toy Fairs are held and as we specialise and collect British made Vintage Civilian toys,  where better to be located?

Most weekends in "toy season" are spent at Toy Fairs. Some big, some not so big, but we see many of the items people are looking for to enable them to enhance their collection. Some items get sold within just 24 hours!

It's not only great fun to help others, but we enjoy meeting people and know most of the main toy dealers in the UK who try to help us out whenever they can.

Over the years I have gathered together a great many reference books about lead items which helps in identification when I need it. Some reference books, particularly those by Norman Joplin and Philip Dean are a great reference and are available to buy from our site! If you would like more information just let us know. These can be shipped out of the USA or from the UK keeping postage to a minimum. 

During my childhood these items were readily available and I remember spending weekends drooling over items in old toy shop windows - most of which I couldn't afford at the time but always wishing one day I would have one of everything the British manufacturers made in the Zoo line. Now my wish has come true and one day I hope to catalogue my entire collection on the net for all to see. We have started the Catalogue and if you would like to see some of the things from my collection, which has now evolved with zoo animals made by the German makers Elastolin and Lineol please just ask and I will give you the link. 

From now on, we are concentrating on helping others with their collections and since we started we have enhanced the collections of many of our customers and friends. Most are thrilled that they are now able to purchase these beautiful items in the comfort of their own homes. 

It's so easy to buy from us. Simply e-mail us with the item you are interested in and we will reserve it for you for up to 10 days. 

Always view the "What's New" Page first - something may come in and go the same day - It can be frustrating - as the site has become so popular - most of our customers tell us that this is what they do.

We are told by many collectors that we are the biggest sellers of  CIVILIAN VINTAGE LEAD TOYS on the Internet. We aim to please! 

The site has been made so it's easy for you to link to individual manufacturers and we have tried to make the Britains section similar to a catalogue which gives you the numbers of the items enabling them to easily be identified. 

There are already 100's of photos on the site, but if there is an item you are interested in without a photo - please just e-mail us and we will try to take one for you.

Our current stock includes figures in  LEAD, COMPOSITION and PLASTIC

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please don't be afraid to ask. 
We offer  items at reasonable and affordable prices which is why
most of our customers  just keep coming back -

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Remember - the quality of our merchandise is always honestly described.
Finally, thanks for looking and remember,  we are here to help enhance YOUR collection too!

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