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This group of Britains Elephant Rides and Camels with boy riders date from 1930.
The image shows the pre-war Elephant version  with the famous "rubber trunk" - Throughout time the rubber became hard and was easily damaged - and nowadays they are hard to find in good condition.  The Camels with boy riders are also pre-war examples and are becoming increasingly difficult to find as the hobby becomes more popular.

 Extremely Rare
Britains Boxed Elephant Ride
Adult giraffes are  the rarest of the Britains Zoo collection. To find a boxed one is almost impossible - Many people mistakingly believe the young giraffe to be the adult one - Even books get it wrong - (notably Richard O'Briens "Collecting Foreign made Toy Soldiers" -  where the same picture appears for the adult and the young). 
The adult Giraffe stands 16 cms tall. Here there are 8 and the link picture shows the pre-war box


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My hobby first began at the age of around 10 when lead toy zoo animals were comparatively cheap and readily available. 

Nowadays however collecting these figures is neither. When I first started collecting I chose to collect Britains but today my collection includes lead, plastic and composition zoo animals from many different makers. These include British, German Danish and French manufacturers. 

I am still buying and selling - I guess it will be a hobby that I will never outgrow! 

To view my collection please click on one of the links opposite to see photos and information on the various makers. 

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Britains Elephant Ride
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